Ultrasound imaging is the most effective tool in saving our nation's babies from the horrible death of abortion. No aspect of changes in the Pregnancy Resource Center movement has had a more significant impact on their life-saving work than the addition of ultrasound technology. Industry sources report that over 90 percent of expectant mothers considering abortion choose life after they meet their baby via ultrasound. When they see their baby's little body, its fingers and toes, and they hear their baby's heartbeat, the mother knows it's her child not her "choice".

Thanks to the incredible foresight of Supreme Knight, Carl Anderson, the Ultrasound Initiative was launched as a nationwide program in 2009. This initiative provides funding to pregnancy centers in the form of a matching grant to be used to purchase ultrasound equipment. In HIS Image Ultrasound acts as a liaison between the pregnancy center and the Knights of Columbus to facilitate this grant opportunity.

Pregnancy center directors desiring to apply for the Knights of Columbus ultrasound grant to purchase ultrasound equipment should contact Jane Dalton at 573-341-5263 or jane.dalton@ihiu.org.

Members of state and local Knights of Columbus councils desiring to participate in the Ultrasound Initiative should contact Joseph Dalton at 573-647-9530 or joe.dalton@ihiu.org.

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WELCOME to In HIS Image Ultrasound.

In HIS Image Ultrasound is a national outreach founded to assist Knights of Columbus Councils and Pregnancy Resource Centers in facilitating the Ultrasound Initiative. Our founders are both Pregnancy Center Directors and Knights so they are perfectly suited to assist you in every step of the grant process. Our only motivation is serving God by helping you to save His littlest ones.

We help Pregnancy Centers - With 79 years of combined pregnancy center experience, our expert staff is ready, willing and able to assist you. Whether you are a pregnancy center that would like to offer ultrasound services or a pregnancy center that needs to replace outdated ultrasound equipment, we are here to serve you. In HIS Image Ultrasound will make this an easy process for you. Our experts will guide you through medical set-up or equipment replacement utilizing the Knights of Columbus grant opportunity.

We help State and Local Knights of Columbus Councils - If you are interested in participating in the Ultrasound Initiative to assist a pregnancy center in your area, we are here to help you. From counsel and guidance with specific fundraising campaigns, to handling all of the laborious paperwork for you, In HIS Image Ultrasound makes the entire ultrasound grant process easy and enjoyable.