Knights of Columbus

Knights of Columbus Supreme Council strongly encourages our state and local councils to be active within our communities in supporting pro-life causes. To facilitate this participation, on January 22, 2009, the 36th anniversary of the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion on demand, the Knights of Columbus launched a new initiative aimed at providing ultrasound equipment to Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs). The Ultrasound Initiative sets forth that Supreme Council will match funds raised by State and Local Councils to provide Pregnancy Centers complete funding for the acquisition of ultrasound machines.

We recognize that this initiative is crucial to PRCs because the reported PRCs annual income nationwide is nearly $200 million and there are slightly more than 2,900 PRCs making the average annual income per center a meager $69,000. Therefore it is understandable that nearly 1,700 PRCs do not have ultrasound machines and nearly 400 medical PRCs are currently using outdated ultrasound equipment.

The Ultrasound Initiative is meant to right this wrong so that every eligible PRC will have ultrasound technology at their disposal. Industry sources report that over 90 percent of expectant mothers considering abortion choose life after they meet their baby via ultrasound. When they see their baby's little body, its fingers and toes, and they hear their baby's heartbeat, the mother knows it's her child, not her "choice".

Our Supreme Council has set the stage for us in their commitment to pay for one half of the ultrasound machines we place in approved PRCs. It is now the job of every Brother Knight to do everything within his power to make the Ultrasound Initiative a tremendous success. Each of us now has the opportunity to effect true change in the culture of death.

Joseph is a 4th Degree Knight and has 16 years' experience with the founding and operating medical pregnancy centers. He will assist you in your fundraising efforts and make your job easy! Please know that by utilizing the KofC ultrasound grant you and your brother Knights will have a hand in saving many, many babies. (573) 647-9530 or