Pregnancy Centers

In HIS Image Ultrasound's founders, Joseph and Jane Dalton are seasoned experts willing to guide you through the process of medical set-up or replacing your outdated ultrasound equipment. They have been active participants in the pro-life movement for the past 16 years. Their extensive experience includes the founding of and operating medical pregnancy centers. Joseph has held the position of Executive Director for Pregnancy Resource of Rolla, MO since February 2006. Additionally, he is a 4th Degree Knight with the Knights of Columbus Council 2627 located in Rolla, MO which allows him to act as an advocate on your center's behalf with the Knights of Columbus.

In HIS Image Ultrasound will assist your local KofC Council(s) with fundraising for your new ultrasound machine. Co-founder, Joseph Dalton, will come alongside your local and state Knights of Columbus councils to assist in their fundraising efforts thus insuring your success in utilizing the KofC ultrasound grant.

In order to insure a proper transition into a medical center which provides ultrasound services, In HIS Image Ultrasound will advise, assist and guide you through the entire medical set-up process. Some of the things that In HIS Image Ultrasound will be assisting you with include: obtaining a Medical Director, securing proper insurance coverage, insuring all state and local laws, guidelines and restrictions are adhered to and confirming that your staff members and volunteers are prepared to conduct themselves properly within a medical center. To this end - In HIS Image Ultrasound schedules a professional, 1-day training for your center's key individuals, such as your Executive Director, Medical Director and board members. Upon completion of this training these individuals will have complete understanding of how a medical center operates and what their position and responsibilities are. Their questions and concerns will be answered and they will be ready to move forward feeling confident and comfortable.

Additionally, In HIS Image Ultrasound schedules a professional, 4-day limited obstetrical sonogram training for up to three individuals that have been selected by your center's Medical Director as approved candidates to perform the ultrasounds within the center under his or her license, insurance and supervision. This training course is facilitated by Innovative Imaging and paid for by the center. Often times the local Knights of Columbus Council will join your fundraising efforts to help pay for this training.

When you work with In His Image Ultrasound, you are working with like-minded individuals that share your perspective. We understand. We've been there too.

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